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Being Altıntaş Family

The basis of Altıntaş Law & Consultancy Firm's quality service for more than 20 years is the understanding of being a family. We would like to thank all of our teammates for keeping this understanding alive.
We organize regular events for newcomers to adapt to our team and to maintain existing ties. Examples of these are breakfast organization once a month, entertainment activities such as bowling, picnic, and birthday celebrations.

Exceeding Client Expectations

As Altıntaş Law & Consultancy Office, we gather our Client Service Principles within the framework of the principles of "Trust, Confidentiality, Trust and Responsibility Awareness, Business Ethics and Professionalism" and we provide our services without compromising our quality by considering the expectations of our clients.
By placing the principles of "Justice" and "Rule of Law" in ourselves, we strive to conclude our clients' legal problems by embracing them, while offering our knowledge and experience to the service of justice and the benefit of humanity.

Ensuring Professional Development of Our Teammates

Altıntaş Law & Consultancy Firm considers every teammate who sets out with it as a value in itself and believes that their contribution to them will return to itself. For this reason, Altıntaş Law & Consultancy Firm has established the "Altıntaş Academy" in order for the development of its teammates to progress rapidly. With Altıntaş Academy, Altıntaş culture, philosophy of the profession, ethical rules of the profession, necessary business skills and current legal information are conveyed to teammates.
At the same time, our teammates are given the opportunity to participate in various trainings organized in their fields of interest. As Altıntaş Law & Consultancy Firm, we believe that the contributions we make to our teammates will feed us further with their rich perspective.

Supporting Charities

Undoubtedly, one of the values that form the basis of our profession is to be able to empathize with the client and to be able to worry about his problems. In order to establish this relationship, we recommend that our teammates volunteer at a charity. In this context, we ask them to share their experiences with us in our weekly office meetings. In this way, while creating individuals who are beneficial to the society, which is our highest goal, on the one hand, our employees' empathy competence improves on the other hand.