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A New Voice in the World of Law

Current Law Journal "Ahkam" is on the air

While the new world order is changing rapidly with the effect of the pandemic, law comes first in the fields that should respond to this change at the same speed. While social life is creating new norms, Turkish law is in the process of adapting to these new standards that continue all over the world. A new journal, born of the need to reflect this process to the whole society, especially to law and legal academics, has started its publication life: Aktüel Hukuk Dergisi, Ahkâm, has taken its place in the Turkish publishing literature with the aim of presenting the universal debates in the world of law to the reader with a local perspective.
In the first issue of the magazine, which is about the 'New Legal Order of the Digitalized World', all stakeholders from the legal community are given the right to speak. Ahkam Magazine, which has a wide staff from experienced lawyers to academicians, from law school students to sociologists, researchers and writers, interprets the subjects it covers in a contemporary language from different perspectives.
Aktüel Law Journal Ahkâm has a current flow of interviews, culture and arts news and independent articles, as well as a strong professional content consisting of articles written by expert names, case studies, decision analysis, legal commentary and analysis.

An inclusive perspective on law

Kerim Altıntaş, Editor-in-Chief of Aktüel Law Journal Ahkam and Founding Lawyer of Altıntaş Hukuk Danışmanlık, made the following statement regarding the first issue of the magazine;
"We have set the agenda of the first issue of our Ahkam magazine as the new law of the digital world, where many legal concepts and transactions await redefinition, interpretation and fair judgment. In the digital law subheading, from social media shares to e-commerce processes, from protection of personal data to online contracts, from tax and law enforcement. "I believe that our journal, which includes the views of a wide segment of our legal world, from esteemed academics to members of the judiciary, from lawyers to law school students, will fill an important gap in our current legal literature." Saying hello to its publication life under the management of Altıntaş Hukuk & Danışmanlık, Aktüel Law Journal Ahkâm has been opened to the access of readers in its digital format published at in addition to its printed edition.